Liberia Elections Portal

The Liberia Elections Portal is a project of iLab Liberia with support from OSIWA to publish election-related data, generate interactive visualizations and consolidate documentation to promote information sharing and transparency throughout the 2017 elections.

Datasets presented on the Portal have been liberated from closed formats (such as PDFs) published on and provided by Liberia’s National Elections Commission website. Additional datasets from accredited election partners are uploaded and integrated into the mapping, infographics and directory sections on an ongoing basis. This project promotes open data for the sake of improving data quality, increased transparency, and greater public access to information. In addition, the tools used for this project are all open source.

Historical election data has been included as much as possible to provide a longitudinal comparison of past and present elections, with the goal of presenting a range of stakeholders (election officials, political parties, observation missions, civil society organizations, media and citizens) with comprehensive information that facilitates data-driven decision-making during the electoral process.

This project is possible because of OSIWA's support, the collaboration with the National Elections Commission, and the partnership with the Elections Coordinating Committee, among other key election stakeholders.