Liberia Elections Map

The Liberia Elections Map provides interactive geospatial visualizations of 2011 and 2017 elections data from the National Elections Commission. Other datasets will be added on a rolling basis during and after the 2017 elections. Select a map from the options below to visualize different combinations of elections data from the county to the district level. The initial map on this page displays total registered voters in 2017. Learn more

Explore county and district-level data for registered voters - sorting by gender, age, and location.

Compare county and district-level data for registered voters in 2011 and 2017.

Select 'All Polling Precincts' to see all 2,080 precincts. Further sort according to the precincts active since 2011, or those added in 2017.

View the national deployment of two Liberian coalitions - the Elections Coordinating Committee (ECC) and Liberia’s Elections Observation Network (LEON). The ECC deployed 2,000 observers, and LEON deployed 1,200. Approximately 1,700 observers are mapped; the remaining observers’ locations will be mapped as data becomes available. Where both coalitions were present at a polling precinct, the precinct appears as orange on the map.

Total registered voters according to map view